Businesses, community based organizations, schools, and others are now able to generate online resources, create classes and access highly qualified instructors in a variety of topics. Now it is easier for individuals and schools to access these resources.

These can be accessed by learners in a just-in-time supply chain methodology.

Enriching the experience for home schoolers, and for student study groups. Independent learners are now organizing to develop networks of learning.


Think of the traditional classroom in a school. Within the classroom, there is a teacher and a number of students. In addition, there are desks, a chalkboard, a reference library and various learning aids. On the teacher's desk is a calendar and the student grade book. Each student has the designated textbook for the class and a notebook for assignments. This is a traditional learning environment. When a business conducts a training event, the environment is very similar.

Now think of putting all these elements on a set of servers off site. Doing so, you have caused the geometry of the classroom to change. The classroom becomes a classroom without walls, and time becomes discontinuous. The teacher and student alike have access to the environment, but now they do it in their own space and in their own time. All the functions are there. Now, the auditorium can hold thousands of students. Or, it becomes a host of smaller auditoriums. A single presenter can simultaneously provide training to multiple sites. Also, the teacher has done away with the copy machine, the chalk-dust and reams of paper.

In short, an online training environment is a place where a training curriculum can be put and students can access it from anywhere.

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